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Supercharged Setting Mist

Supercharged Setting Mist

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  • BEST SELLING. Infused with hydrating coconut water, energising matcha green tea, vitamin-rich peach and grape seed extract, this micro mist delivers an airy, gentle, enveloping fine spray. Micro-droplets spectacularly fix your finish for a longer lasting look whilst keeping your skin feeling fresh and energised. Cruelty Free. Suitable for vegans.

    • Helps to strengthen the skins natural defences and protect the skin from pollutants
    • Fixes your finish for longer lasting makeup
    • Infused with hydrating coconut water and matcha green tea to energise
    • Skin feels energised and fresh
    • Suitable for all skin types
    • Can use under and over foundation to really lockdown your look

  • How To Use

    Firmly hold setting mist bottle 15-20cm from your face, close your eyes and lightly mist. Mist can be used under and over foundation to really lockdown your look. Repeat as required throughout the day, helps skin feel energised and fresh.

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