Hyperpigmentation is the term used to describe where darker than usual patches develop on the skin. It is the opposite of Hypo-pigmentation which is when the pigment is lost all together. The skins pigment is determined by the amount and density of melanin our cells produce.

It can be caused by several factors including hormonal changes as in that of pregnancy, or with the use of artificial hormones used in HRT or the contraceptive pill. Certain medications can disrupt our pigment, as well as UV exposure, fragrance used on the skin and can also develop where there has been injury or trauma to the skin such as an acne lesions or scar.

In some cases pigment can fade on its own if the trigger factors are removed and the use of a SPF is incorporated into your homecare routine, however for most the help of products and treatments will be the only solution.

Advanced skincare will use a group of ingredients known as 'Tyrosinase Inhibitors' to help treat the condition. Tyronsinase is a crucial enzyme that is used by the skins cells to synthesise melanin. Without it we simply cannot manufacture melanin.

In clinic treatments such as Microneedling and IPL are effective for breaking up pigmentation that is wide spread. However for smaller concentrated patches such as sunspots (liver spots) Cryotherapy is recommended. Check out our treatments section to learn more about these procedures and book an appointment.

At home the use of retinoids such as Dermaquest Retinol Brightening Serum and a high performing SPF like Heliocare's Pigment Solution Fluid are Hyperpigmentation HEROES.