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Active Resurfacing Wipes

Active Resurfacing Wipes

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Nimue Active Resurfacing Wipes – NEW!

3ml x 16 Satches Box 

  • Contains the natural exfoliant glycolic acid

A solution for targeted, powerful skin rejuvenation that resurfaces the skin, reduces oiliness and breakouts

Nimue Active Resurfacing Wipes combine a groundbreaking advanced technology with pure acids to make the skin radiant, exfoliated and soft. In addition to the use of skin acids, the formula contains soothing and rebuilding Panthenol (B5 vitamin) as well as allantoin, which nourishes the skin, creates skin barrier protection. Skin is well moisturized, firmer and smoother.

These pads, which are made of biodegradable bamboo fabric, are moistened with 3 ml of solution and delivered in a box with 16 single doses.

It is recommended to apply a pad to freshly cleansed skin 3 to 4 times a week before night care.

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