Mole Screening and Reduction

Mole Screening

We are partnered with Screen Cancer UK. After capturing images using our specialised dermascopic camera we then send them off to the ScreenCancer dermatology team for analysis. Results are usually sent within 2/3 days giving swift peace of mind for any suspicious lesions. Mole Screening Carlisle - £80 for 1 lesion, additional lesions £15 each.


Mole Reduction

The aim of a mole reduction treatment is to take the lesion back down to skin level, so it is not visible. The treatment is relatively quick and involves using a heated probe to desiccate the mole reducing it in size. This non-surgical method is preferable for healthy moles as there is no need to cut into healthy skin thus reducing the potential for scarring. Mole reduction and screening in our Carlisle clinic is £155. Mole removal Carlisle, Cumbria