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Mini Pumpkin Mask

Mini Pumpkin Mask

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The All Rounder, this mask is a great exfoliating treatment for all skin types to provide a bright and glowing complexion. For anyone with hyperpigmentation, mild acne, blocked pores, or who wants to smooth out the texture of the skin.

WHO is this product for

• Anyone in need of a treatment to address acne or unwanted pigment without using BHA. Madelic & Lactic acid gently clears congestion, exfoliate and brighten the skin.
Directions: Apply a quarter-sized amount to cleansed skin. Let mask process for 2-5 minutes, remove and follow with appropriate treatment and hydration/SPF.

WHY you will love it

• Brightens unwanted pigment and clears congested pores while exfoliating the top layer of dead skin, leaving skin smooth and brighter.

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