Teen Skin

With the kids heading back to school, there is lots to think about. School uniform? Check! New stationary? Check! Shoes? Check! Clear skin? Ummmmmm? It’s probably not top of the agenda for parents but can certainly be one of the most worrying things on their mind when the kids return to school.

So why do teens get spotty?

When acne develops there are generally 4 contributing factors at play within the follicle:

Oil, bacteria, inflammation and a build up of skin cells. The oil feeds the bacteria, the bacteria leads to inflammation and combined with an abundance of excess skin cells it causes great big blockages. Oil levels in particular can dramatically increase around puberty due to a surge in androgen hormones.

Often, times when teens start breaking out they run to the supermarket and by the first bottle of “spot fighting” lotion they can get their hands on in a bid to get rid of them but it doesn’t always prove so easy. When it comes to spot remedies, we’ve heard it all in clinic. Clearasil, sudacrem, toothpaste, sunbeds, bleach and more and that’s before the layering of ‘cover up ‘ products, such as make up and fake tan ensues.

It’s all of this that can take a few harmless teenage spots to angry unhappy spots.

So how do we help?

Well, first and foremost it’s important to remember that not all teen skin is the same. The majority can be experiencing higher oil levels, yes, but at the same time we can see sensitivity and dryness as well. If you are starting to see the early signs of skin changes, introducing a cleanser for use morning and night to remove build up and residue from the day can do the world of good, but don’t go too aggressive. I love the Clear Start Wash but for more sensitive teens the Ultracalming cleanser is also a great option. Follow this with a light moisturiser such as the hydrating lotion or the oil free Aqua Jelly for those that are super greasy. This should keep breakouts at bay but for those times when it’s too late the breakout clearing booster is AMAZING at healing spots up super quick.

For those that have more chronic, troublesome teen acne a professional consultation is advised as there may be more complex factors at play that need to be addressed differently.

With any skin journey there can be ups and downs, good days and bad. Teen skin is no different, but starting off on the right foot with a good simple routine can make those testing years a little easier. Read on for my TOP 5 dos and don’ts for teen skin:

DO remove make up and daily residue every night before bed with a rinse off cleanser.

(avoid face wipes, they’re in-effective and dehydrating)

DON’T attempt to camouflage by overusing lots of cheap make up, opt for a mineral foundation instead. Check out the Jane Iredale range.

DO keep your pillow case, mobile phone and make up brushes bacteria free. (wash regularly with anti-bac)

DON’T wear fake tan, choose a mineral bronzer instead.

DO see a professional if you’re unsure how to treat correctly.


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